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About ME!!

I Me Mine: A Little Info About Lovely Little Me

       I suppose you could say I am a fairly new Beatle fan... in the grand spectrum of things. I have been a fan for only about one year... but what I lack in quantity of days as a Beatle fan, I make up in quality. I fill everyday with lots and lots of Beatle fun. I love them a lot (Thanks Be... you introduced me to them, even if you say you don't like them anymore, I never would have if it weren't for you!)
       I do not have a favorite Beatle, if you can believe that one. That's only because every time I try to pick one, I end up changing my mind, they are all so lovely and each has their own thing to admire about them. (No specific order for any reason... just a list)
       Paul: He is just so darn cute, even if he hogged the spotlight a little. If you go to his official website, you might be disappointed. I was. He is a little to manufactured seeming lately, but I still love him. Gotta love the left handed guitar playing and all the music he gave us though...(There are Seven Levels)
       John: *Sniffle. John was crazy I think but I mean that in the best of ways, most geniuses are a little off aren't they? John made the Beatles what they are, as did all the others. You can't have the Beatles without one of them. I like John because he was outspoken and a very funny lad! (Real Love...)
       George: Great guitar player, great musician and great man. I like the that he was seen as the quiet one, since you just know that once he got to know you he would be so cool. I miss him...(Here comes the Sun was about you...)
       Ringo: Man I can't think of enough words to explain how much I adore Ringo! Of all the Beatles, I think he has to be the most genuine. He really loved his time as a Beatle and we love him for that! Download "Never Without You" if you weren't a Ringo fan before that, you've gotta be now! (Strange things in the garden...)
       See I did mention that I could talk about them forever didn't I?
Maybe More Another Day okay guys?...

Below are results to some pretty cool quizzes I have taken... I'm pretty sure there is a link below each one if you'd like to take them too.... Hope my results can help ya get to know me more :)

My inner child is forty-five years old today

My inner child is forty-five years old!

I've never really liked children, not even when I
was one. I want things neat, ordered, and
adult--fine wine instead of french fries, pina
coladas by the pool instead of beach sand
between my toes. Now if only my fellow adults
would stop acting like such, well, children!

How Old is Your Inner Child?
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Pirates of the Caribbean!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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Tramp Bear
Tramp Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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You are a TOTAL BEATLES FAN! you love the Beatles
and evrything about them. You have posters and
pics of them. You even plan on building a Time
Machine to go back to the sixties and make out
with them. Well done!

are YOU a Beatles fan??????
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